Our accessories provide both style and protection for your device. However not all cases are the same in how they protect your device from damage, Although most of our products will protect your device from bumps, scratches and grazes, they will not protect your device from excessive or extreme damage.

Supply Square are not responsible and/liable for any damages that inflicted on your devices while our products are installed or are in use on your device. We will not cover charges for repairs of devices due to incorrect use or extreme damage. By purchasing our products you accept all privacy, terms of service, refund and return policies listed within the Supply Square website.

We test fit all products in our possession to ensure good fitment and that the product is free from damage and any manufacturer defects. If you receive an item that has been damaged on arrival please contact us immediately at supplysquare.808@gmail.com and we can walk you through steps for solving the issue. Also if you are unsure on how to apply products purchased from Supply Square please contact us before applying your product as we will not cover or refund any products due to incorrect application or use.